Important notice for internet marketers, home-based business owners, and list builders who are struggling to get signups, grow their list and make sales...
When you want to add more profits to your bottom line each month, then building a bigger, more responsive list of subscribers the right way is the fastest and easiest way to do it.
The sad truth is the majority of marketers that fail, (and over 90% do), is because they just didn't get how important list building and developing a relationship with their subscribers are. But you're smart, and you already know that the guys who land on the top of the pile are the ones who are prepared to devote a big chunk of their resources into getting people to join their email lists.
But perhaps like a lot of our marketing friends you face a two-pronged problem. You see there's fierce competition in our marketplace and most of the 'big guys' that you will come up against have teams of writers (or oodles of cash and resources to throw around) to get their content created for them.
And because you need to stand out from the crowd it's critical you find 'an edge' - something that will give you a powerful advantage that others don't have - like a fresh supply of quality content you don't have to spend weeks (or invest thousands of dollars) creating yourself.
We built that edge for you...
It's called Automated List Profits
(And it's the real insider 'secret' many top names in our industry use every day to their advantage).
You see you need to give away quality products to gain subscribers and you need to keep giving them away to your subscribers to build your relationship with them and keep them subscribed. That means you are going to need an endless supply of these quality products.
Chances are you may have already signed up to someone's list, read their free reports and thought wow, this guy knows what he is talking about...
You may have gone further and purchased something they recommended to you. There is an excellent chance that we created the content.
Here's why smart marketers choose Automated List Profits: Every month our Automated List Profits members get access to 2 brand new reports, each report comes with its own killer squeeze page designed to convert even casual visitors into free leads - They also get keywords and affiliate research included to make that step between great content and quick profits that much easier. Members get full PLR so they can brand the reports as their own and give them away (or sell them, combine them, chop them up and edit them) whatever's needed to build up their lists and engage with their readers.
But that's not all. To save even more time we include 7 expertly written, copy and paste email follow up messages for each report that are guaranteed to keep your new readers entertained, engaged (and buying) -
In a nutshell: We supply everything a list builder on a mission needs to grow and monetize their business.
We want to give you a
You get 2 new report packages every month
Plus full back-catalog access (now over 70 packs) worth over $2,500
Hottest marketing topics online
(Here are a few examples of our recent report packages)
2 brand new reports each month
94+ List Building Packages
[You get lifetime access with nothing more to pay]
Act now and eliminate all the hard work and monthly costs of creating your own content.
You can pay one-time for only
Regular price $397.00, save $150.00  
You can pay yearly for just
Regular price $247.00, save $100.00
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I get?
A: You will receive instant access to the Automated List Profits member area where each month you will receive 2 complete (unique and exclusive) list building packages.

Each pack contains a professionally designed squeeze page (with bullet copy and graphics), a 10-30 page report on a hot marketing related topic, a 7-part autoresponder follow-up series plus keyword research and recommended affiliate programs to promote related to each topic.

Plus you will also receive instant access to our entire back catalog of report packages (now at 90+ titles).
Q: Are these PLR packages unique?
A: Yes, all packages are created by our in-house team and they aren't available anywhere else online.
Q: Can I give away the reports or sell them?
A: Both. We encourage you to use them as incentives to build your subscriber list and promote your offers and affiliate offers through them. Set up your provided squeeze page and offer them free to new subscribers. The only thing you cannot do is give people access to the source documents (these are for your personal use only.
Q: Can I say I wrote these?
A: Yes. You get full private label editorial rights so you can add yourself as the author, edit them, add to them, change the graphics, rename them, whatever you need.
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