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Phil's gone bonkers.
My partner, Jane, thinks I have lost it, that I'm not playing with a full deck, and that I should be in a straitjacket feeding the pigeons on the calendar for making such a crazy offer. She thinks the price is too low and that I'm giving away the store.

Well, I'm going to do it anyway because I want to reward members who have been with us for a long time, but I can only make this offer for the next 10, 9 people who snap up this special.

I won't go into everything you get at FrontPage Mail; you can see that here, but -
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The offer below is valid for the next 7 days only! It is not valid with any other offer. You may not combine this offer with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon, and offer. This offer cannot be sold or otherwise bartered.
FPM Founder Account
One-time Pay Option
Regular price $1497.00
Your sale price when you grab your account today is only
one-time - save $748.50
FPM Founder Account
Flex-Pay Option
Regular price $1575.00
Your sale price when you pick up your account today is only
x 3 months - save $720.00
x 4 months - save $695.00
After you order, we will take you to a page where you can sign up free or give us your FPM username, and we'll upgrade your account. Please allow 12-24 hours for your account to be updated.
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