At last! A link shrinker/tracker that makes you money!
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So what's an Itsy Linx?
Itsy linx is a powerful link tracking, and marketing system all rolled into one handy, easy-to-use, money making website.
It's a handy link shrinker
Itsy Linx takes those long affiliate links that look really weird when they wrap and often break apart in emails you send and gives you a short customized link you can use anywhere. In emails, on blogs, in text and banner ads etc.
It's an accurate link tracker
Let's say you are sending an email to someone else's email list called ABC and you want to track your click throughs. You can do that easily with Itsy Linx by adding the tag /ABC to the end of your customised Itsy Linx.
It's a proven solo ad mailer
Itsy Linx gives you two premium online mailers. The Itsy mailer is a solo ad mailer. Your emails are sent directly to the inbox of active users. You can email up to 5,000 users every 2 days. You also get a daily downline mailer.
It's a potent advertising site
Itsy Linx gives you free lifetime link ads, banner ads, and email ads. Higher levels give you more ads, more traffic, and lots more action. Links to the Ad Profits page appear on the sales page, all affiliate pages, and in the Itsy members area.
So here's what will happen when you choose the founder level membership, and you place your order below!
  • You can create unique Itsy links. It is super easy to do. Just enter any URL, and we will shrink it for you.

  • You can customize your links any way you like. Be as creative as you want to. Here are some examples;

  • You can tag your Itsy Links and laser target them. This way you can see clearly where your clicks are coming from and which advertising services are working for you. Here are some examples;

  • You can search your links and place them into groups so you can find them quickly when you need them.

  • You can use the Itsy mailer every two days and test which ads are working for you. You can also email your downline daily.

  • Your Itsy Linx ads, banner ads and email ads show up automatically on our Ad Profits page and give your websites colossal exposure.

  • You can earn up to $198.80 commission on sales you make through our affiliate program, plus you get paid every Friday.
Itsy tracking links are ideal for social media posts, email marketing, blog posts, classified ads, articles, text ads, text messaging.
Total package value, including bonuses, $43,440.00
Unlimited Custom Links
You can customize as many links as you want and store them safely at Itsylinx.
Unlimited Solo Ads
You get access to the Itsy Mailer. Send your offers to 5,000 every two days. (value 3,600.00)
Unlimited Downline Emails
You get access to the Downline Mailer, and you can send your updates daily. (value $120.00)
Unlimited Groups
You can create groups to place your links in so you can find them fast.
Unlimited Tracking Tags
You can laser target your links and see where you get your clicks.
8 Banner Ads
You get 8 banner ads which run forever on the Ad Profit page. (value $2,880.00)
10 Link Ads
You get 10 link ads which run forever on the Ad Profits page. (value $1,440.00)
40% Commission
You earn up to $198.80 on personal membership sales.
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